Cinema 4D R13

September 28th 2011: Maxon Cinema 4D R13

REBUSfarm now also supports the Version 13 of Cinema 4D. As always, we continue the maintenance of the older versions of the application.

Rendering from 1.6 Cent

August 30th 2011: New price-cuts at REBUS Render Farm. Rendering from 1.6 cent / GHzh

The price for a GHzh is now only 3.9 cent / GHzh, with discounts offered up to 1.6 cents / GHzh.

This is the best price in Render Farm industry and comes without any limitation to minimum quantities, or whatever.
For this price your renderjob will normally start immediately and without any waiting time in the REBUS Render Farm! Take advantage of it from the first cent!

More detailed information on this can be found on our price list. Our online cost calculator already accounts for the new prices when estimating your projects.

Update 18,000 GHz

August 3rd 2011: Expansion to 18,000 GHz Computing Power

Once again an increase in computing power. We now provide 18,000 GHz total capacity, more than the competition in sum.

expanded its machine pool by 252 Dual Xeon E5645 (6 x 2.40 GHz) with 24 GB of RAM. In addition there are 70 Dual Xeon E5420 (4 x 2.50 GHz) with 12 GB of RAM as a power reserve.

Our system
now offers a total of 18 THz. This is an equivalent to 600-700 fast Core i7 PCs and is by far the most powerful Render Farm Service in the world.

us for free.
Just create a new account and use the 10 EUR free trial.

20 GBit/s connection

June 19th 2011: New data center with 20GBit/s redundant connection

REBUSfarm opens its new data center with internet backbone. Here some interesting details:

  • Connected directly with 20 GBit/s to the internet.
  • Automatic alarm device.
  • Fire detection system with access to the fire department.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Diesel emergency power aggregate.
  • Redundant fibre optical network.
  • USV: 240.000 VA.
  • Fingerprint locking system.

the extremly fast connection affects the uploading and downloading of your renderjobs. Concerning security and USV power supply, we installed the currently technically feasible.

Mobile Apps

June 17th 2011: Mobile Apps on the way.

goes where you go.

Access your render jobs on your mobile phone. Start, pause or stop your renderings. View the rendered images wherever you are. The mobile apps for Android and iPhone from REBUSfarm save you unnecessary costs and increase your mobility.

More detailed information on this can be found on our mobile page.

V-Ray 2.0 for Maya

May 15th 2011: V-Ray 2.0 for Maya supported.

REBUSfarm now supports the 2.0 release of the software V-Ray for maya.

V-Ray 2.0 for maya comes with significant new feature additions and lots of improvements that enable faster feedback and final results. Go to the website of Chaosgroup for a complete list of the new features.

3D Studio MAX 2012, Maya 2012, XSI 2012

April 12th 2011: Update 3D Studio MAX 2012, Maya 2012 and XSI 2012

REBUSfarm from now on supports the version 2012 of the Autodesk products 3D Studio MAX, Maya and XSI. As always, we continue the maintenance of the older versions of the applications.

Softimage 2011

Januar 18th 2011: Autodesk Softimage 2011.5 Support (Beta)

REBUSfarm now supports the Version 2011.5 of Autodesk Softimage.

REBUSfarm also supports single frame rendering of Autodesk Softimage with Mental Ray (Distributed Rendering). 800 cores will be used to calculate your single frame.


Juanuar 07th 2011: VrayC4D Update

Vray for Cinema 4D has been updated to Version

modo 501

Januar 06th, 2011: REBUSfarm supports modo 501

From now on REBUSfarm supports Luxology modo 501. Furthermore we support the older version 401 of the software.

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